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Isis Bookhart

Isis is a Senior and one of our Station Managers for 22-23 school year. She participates in cheer. She is also involved in Interact, ASL, Melanin Minds, the E&I committee, and NSBE here at Morristown. Isis enjoys listening to alternative, pop, rap, Motown, and R&B.

Eric Ottaiano

Eric is currently a Junior who is one of the chief sound engineers for the 2022-23 school year. He is part of the Marching Band and Jazz Band and enjoys long walks on the beach. Eric will be hosting “The Engineering Hour” along with his fellow chief engineer Lily Crean.

John Nolan III

John is a Senior and one of our Station Managers for 22-23 school year. He is the voice of MHS Sports along with Senior announcer Parker Beh. John is a member of MHS Bowling and Lacrosse. When not playing Sports or Broadcasting Sports John is also the Executive Producer for the Colonial Corner YouTube Channel. 

Lily Crean

Lily  is a  Junior,  and one of the chief sound engineers for the 2022-23 school year. She and fellow sound engineer Eric Ottaiano are thinking of possibly starting a show called “The Engineering Hour”.  Lily is also active in the Marching Band and the school Theater program.

Emma Ramirez

Emma is a Senior and she is one of the Executive Producers for Colonial Corner. She is also a PGC leader and a part of the MHS Theatre Department. Emma is always listening to music as it is one of her favorite things to do! She listens to a lot of different music including K-Pop, Indie, Rock, and Classical music. 

Stephanie Morgan
Roman Santaniello

 Roman is a Junior and the recruitment manager for WJSV. He also holds the position of Co-Senior Producer for the Colonial Corner Youtube channel. On top of it all, he also holds the world record for most bowling balls juggled while on a unicycle.

Jonathan Zuluaga

Stephanie is a junior at MHS and is one of the Music Managers for the 2022-2023 school year. She enjoys spending time in the marching band and build crew for theater. She really enjoys listening to new types of music, but generally likes indie rock, broadway, lofi, and pop. Stephanie commonly appears on her show Sleep Deprived Rambling w/ Steph on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30

JZ or Jonathan Zuluaga, is a junior at Morristown High School. He joined radio this year with a few of his friends and they have a show called the “DJs Hour” which you should totally check out. JZ has arguably the nicest hair in all of WJSV and will continue to have the best hair until the end of time. He’s a pretty chill dude if you get to know him, so please get to know him. He’s not that bad I swear.

Arien Deepu

Arien is a junior at MHS and a DJ part of WSJV. You can hear him as one of the main voices on the station’s number 1 radio show, “The DJ’s Hour” along with fellow club members. As a show host, he enjoys talking about media variety, sports, and standing on the line between controversial topics. He delivers content for the people and offers his completely biased but factual opinions.

Zephan Deepu

Zephan is a junior at Morristown High School. He appears as one of the members of arguably the best radio show "The DJ's Hour" on WSJV. He loves listening to all types of music like Hip-hop, R&B, rock, and EDM, but he will probably judge you if you disagree with his music taste. When Zephan is not doing WJSV, he likes to go to the gym, hang out with his friends, and watch movies. If you have time, be sure to check out Zephan and his friends on the "DJ's Hour"...

Caden Janosy

Caden Janosy, commonly known as CJ, is a sophomore who’s in their first year of radio. This is their first year being an apprentice for the Sound Engineers Lily Crean and Eric Ottiano. They are also in our school’s marching band and the spring track team. They’re also trying out some other new activities this year such as Tricorn, Jazz Band, and Theater. Tune in on Wednesday mornings to listen to their show CJ the DJ where they’ll be talking about random things that they think of. 

Alec Renteree

Newly licensed DJ for the 22-23 school year and Freshman to Morristown High School. Not only is he a DJ for WJSV, he is also a member of the Rocketry Club. His show “Ask Alec & Guests” takes students and staff to a deep unscripted conversation.

Saehan Lee

Saehan; yeah he's pretty weird. I mean, come on, he’s a freshman, loves old things, and dad jokes. Besides that, he’s on the MHS Fencing Team, Symphonic Band, Health Professions Club, WJSV and Colonial Corner, and Boy Scouts. Catch him on Tuesday mornings at 7:25 for his show “Sayin it with Saehan” where he talks about news for MHS and high school life

John Cardinali

John Cardinali who goes by the nickname Jack is a newly licensed DJ for the 22-23 year as a freshman. Jack is an apprentice for the engineering team as well as the host of The Jack Show on Friday mornings at 7:20. Aside from engineering and radio Jack is a runner all three seasons and is part of the Cyber Patriot club.

Ryan Snyder

Ryan is a Freshman at MHS, and new to the radio. Also a member of the theater department, he bounced between crew and cast. He listens to all sorts of music, ranging from Mitski to Debussy. He's looking forward to being a good show host!

Robert Smith

Robert Smith is a junior and this is his first year in radio, he is a member of the Morristown High School marching band and the theatre program.  He also hosts a show on Monday mornings that is currently untitled.  His favorite artist is Taylor Swift.  He enjoys collecting vinyl.

Jonathan Crysler
Will Quiceno

William Quiceno or Willie is a Sophomore and It’s his 1st year in Radio. He’s in Choir and in the theatre program, and enjoys watching soccer and basketball. He enjoys playing video games and all type of games and enjoys listening to music of mostly all kinds. His show is every Thursday from 2:30-3:30 where he talks about of variety of things!  

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